Date: 14 Oct 97 11:22:38 +0100
Subject: Title


Just a simple query really, I was wondering why the title of your film is Trekkies? Most of the people I have come across are always of the opinion that Trekkies was the poor relation of Trekkers and sometimes even considered a derogatory term! Even on your own poll on the web site Trekkers is proving to be the most popular. Personally I don't mind either way but am interested nevertheless and can't wait to see the film over here in the UK, good luck and I hope the film is the success it deserves to be!



Date: 14 Oct 97 21:14:11
Subject: Re: Title

Dear Jonathan,

Choosing a title for the film was a difficult task. We settled on ÒTrekkiesÓ for a number of reasons.

ItÕs the first and most well known name for Trek fans.

Also, we polled lots and lots of people at various conventions, and there was far from a of consensus as to what was the preferred term. In that poll, ÒTrekkiesÓ actually beat out ÒTrekkersÓ in popularity. We have a segment in the film that addresses this issue. The fans defined for us the differences in their definitions for the terms.

And whatÕs in a name really? We couldnÕt call the documentary two names, so we had to choose. (WeÕll probably call the sequel ÒTrekkersÓ now.) We (and most of the fans we encountered) didnÕt think there was anything wrong with ÒTrekkie.Ó Or ÒTrekker.Ó Or whatever else anybody wishes to call themselves. What we donÕt agree with, is somebody deciding they are the arbiters of what should or shouldnÕt be the ÒcorrectÓ choice. Either name is fine. Neither is derogatory. Not if youÕre proud of who you are.

And finally, Richard Arnold, Gene RoddenberryÕs former assistant and ÒStar TrekÓ researcher, told us the following story, and that clinched it for us.

Ò'TrekkerÕ actually has it's origins in the early days. When the media picked up on the word 'Trekkies,' some of the fans thought that sounded too much like 'Crazies'. Gene (Roddenberry) didn't recognize the term 'Trekker' however. Somebody once corrected him when he used 'Trekkie' on stage. He responded, 'Excuse me, did you say 'TrekkER?' The word is 'TrekkIE.' I should know, I created them."

I hope this has helped answer your question--a question we often hear.

Thanks for writing.


Roger Nygard