Below is the text from the review of TREKKIES from Anne Murphy's (the Spiner Femme) web page. (


Denise Crosby is making a documentary, Trekkies, about Star Trek fans, and I was one of the people she interviewed for the documentary. However, as I explained to her, I'm not so much a Trekker as I am a Brent Fan, and I had a chance to show her my extensive Brent Collection, including some NC-17 drawings of Data and Tasha. ;-)

Last night (June 11th) I went to a screening of the movie. They still don't have a distributor for it, and the screening was mainly for distributors and other industry people; although the director, Roger Nygard, also invited the people in the movie.

It's a really good movie and I hope they get a distributor. They already have a built in audience with Trekkers/Trekkies, so I'd think that they'd get one no problem.

The Whitewater juror is also featured prominently in the movie - this gal *lives* Star Trek... even wears her com badge, tricorder and phaser to work! There's also a dentist in Florida who has his dental office all done up with Star Trek stuff (it looks like a convention dealer's room, there's so much stuff), and he and all his assistants even wear Trek uniforms!

I, of course, babbled endlessly about Brent. :-) It was cool the way they did it... here I am babbling about Brent and "Spiner Femmes" and then they cut to Brent and ask him how he feels about the term "Spiner Femmes" and he said he liked it. "So OK... I consider myself a "Spiner Femme" again... as long as Brent likes it! ";-)

Then they had these scenes where folks were showing their Trek collections, and they showed me opening up my earthquake-proof, fire-proof, burglar-proof safe and pulling all my valuable, irreplaceable Brent goodies out, including my rare Data Playmates figure in the red uniform, and then they cut to a scene of me flipping through my photo album of Brent. Just page after page after page after page of Brent photos... the audience was cracking up by this point!

Brent looked gorgeous as usual, and it looks like they interviewed him in his backyard....

Brent was also really funny when they asked him about the fan drawings of Data and Tasha (the X-rated ones) and he very seriously talked about how the fans had drawn him naked perfectly, and that he was really as buff as the drawings, etc. Then he looked straight at the camera and asked, in that innocent Brently style, if it was filmming. :-)

Brent, Jonathan, LeVar, Michael and Wil Wheaton were the TNG cast members who were interviewed in the movie. All the original cast members and Grace Lee Whitney were interviewed, Kate Mulgrew and Ethan Philips from Voyager were interviewed, and Terry Farrell and Chase Masterson from DS9 were interviewed. John DeLancie and Robert O'Reilly were also interviewed.

It was so funny... when I got to the screening, all these industry folks were there (I only recognized two people there who were actually in the movie)... studio people, agents, etc., and no one even gave me a second glance. Then we watched the movie, and the lights went up. As we were all leaving, people were *staring* at me and smiling, and I could even hear a couple of them saying stuff like, "hey that's the woman in the movie," "she's in the movie," etc. Now I have a little idea of how celebrities must feel!